We know how important it is for your school to have reliability, security, and the best performance possible.

Don't worry-- at FlightPath Labs, we've got you covered.


Hosting - VPS Servers

Your installation of FlightPath is hosted in the cloud, on a modern and secure Virtual Private Server.  We strive for a targeted 99.9% uptime, with some of the fastest hardware and software available, utilizing partners like Amazon AWS.

Hosting in the cloud also means you have no hardware limits.  As your school grows, we can easily and instantly add space, memory, even extra processors to your server, making sure you have the best at all times.

Additionally, your installation of FlightPath is backed up at least once per day, so in the unlikely event of a problem, you'll be back online as quickly as possible.




  • The physical servers themselves are secured with various human and technological safeguards.  
  • Additionally, each server is physically locked within a cage.
  • The datacenters themselves are certified with industry-leading SOC 2 certifications for security.


  • All data is transmitted to and from FlightPath Labs using modern SSL certificate protection.
  • Access to the server and database is restricted by SSH Private Key authentication, featuring a minimum of 2048 bit keys, with pass-codes, and disabled SSH logins by password.  
  • All of this greatly reduces the risk of hackers-- in other words: we care a great deal about security!


  • FERPA: FlightPath's robust user access and permission management system ensures FERPA compliance and security.
  • Role-based access: Administration of FlightPath can be delegated, or restricted by user.
  • Authentication: FlightPath supports LDAP as well as an internal password management system based upon solid, irreversible cryptographic hashes.  Additionally, new authentication methods can be easily integrated as technology advances, or to use whatever existing system your school may have in place.  Ex:  SAML, Shibboleth, etc.