FlightPath is a full-featured academic advising system! Below are some of the more popular features which come with FlightPath "out of the box," and FlightPath Labs is able to extend the functionality even further through custom programming for your school.

FlightPath - Mobile friendly advising systemAccessibility & Design

  • FlightPath works perfectly from all major browsers: IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari
  • Mobile-ready with an included specialized mobile template
  • Easy to add new templates for branding to match your school's colors, logo, and name


FlightPath - Academic advising view

Student Features

  • View degree plan requirements, and see student progress through their degree
  • See final grades, as well as midterm grades
  • See GPA and hour requirements, broken up into categories
  • See complete history of advising sessions
  • View courses their adviser advised them to take
  • View comments left by their adviser
  • TFlightPath - search for courses and see schedulery out other majors, should they decide to switch majors
  • View/Search through course descriptions
    • If configured, view course scheduled offerings and sample syllabi per course
  • Optimized for viewing on mobile phones, like Android and iPhones


Faculty / Adviser Features

  • FlightPath - search by advisee name, major code, and moreSearch for advisees, as well as see advisees already assigned to them
  • View a student's degree plan, showing their requirements for that degree and their progress through the degree
  • Advise a student which courses to take, even several semesters into the future
  • View the student in another major, if the student is thinking of switching majors
  • See transfer credit equivalencies for local courses automatically applied
  • Perform substitutions or exceptions for student courses
  • Leave comments for students or other faculty only
  • See complete history of advising sessions, and who advised what and when.
  • Assist in degree audit proceduresFlightPath - Perform substitutions


Administrator / Technical Features

  • Robust and secure permission system for a very fine level of control over who is allowed to do what in the system
  • Easy system for degree plan requirements input
  • (If using Banner), mostly-automated import of Banner data, via the Banner Integration module